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Protein engineering and design

Design and engineering approaches | Mutagenesis strategies | Engineering protein stability

Structural biology

Strategies for structure elucidation | X-ray crystallography data analysis | Structure determination, interpretation and analysis

Computational biology

Homology modelling | Molecular dynamics simulations | Bioinformatics & Website development

Scientific writing and illustration

Manuscript & grant writing | Molecular visualisation for documents and presentations | Molecular movies

About us

PTNG Consulting was created in 2020 by Ashley Buckle, PhD. Ashley has more than three decades of expertise in structural biology and protein engineering, with a focus on combining state-of-the-art protein biochemistry, biophysical, structural and computational approaches in protein engineering programs.

Ashley completed his PhD in 1994 in the laboratory of Prof Sir Alan Fersht at the University of Cambridge, on the structure determination of protein-DNA and protein-protein complexes. As a Postdoc then staff scientist at the Medical Research Council Centre for Protein Engineering, Cambridge, he made contributions to the understanding of protein stability, molecular recognition and the action of molecular chaperones.

Ashley relocated to Monash University, Australia in 2003 where he headed the Protein Engineering and Design Lab until 2020. Ashley has published more than 140 peer-reviewed scientific papers (H-index = 44, >6700 citations) in diverse areas of protein science, including structure/folding/function, design/engineering, bioinformatics, molecular dynamics, immunology, and protease biology. He has published in the best journals, notably Science, PNAS (9), Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. (2), Nature Chem. Biol., Nature Communications and Nature Immunology (2).

He has secured in excess of AUD$13 million in research funding and is the named co-inventor on 6 patents. See more at ORCID, Google Scholar and PubMed. More about Ashley

Ashley Buckle speaking at a conference.

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