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Protein engineering and design

Computational biology | Mutagenesis strategies | Engineering protein stability | Modelling | Molecular dynamics simulations | Bioinformatics

Structural biology

Strategies for structure elucidation | X-ray crystallography data analysis | Structure determination, interpretation and analysis | Cryo-EM interpretation and analysis

Lab-based services

Assay development | Protein production | Protein biochemistry analysis | Binding analysis

Project development

Literature research | Strategy development | Team construction | Project management


PTNG Consulting’s mission is to provide scientifically accurate, cutting-edge support and advice in protein engineering to businesses and universities.

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PTNG Consulting has played an instrumental role in ProteinLogic's recent fundraising efforts. Their team has provided efficient and professional project management capabilities, and has helped us to successfully assemble an ambitious international project spanning several continents. They have, additionally, provided immensely valuable grant writing expertise and strategic advice that has greatly facilitated our project development activities. We have enjoyed working with them, highly recommend them, and look forward to engaging with them on future projects.

—Adrian Woolfson

Founder and Non-Executive Director of ProteinLogic

Protein Structure Portfolio

3D visualisation of IRAPs
3D visualisation of Proteases
3D visualisation of Lysins
3D visualisation of Interleukin receptors
3D visualisation of Antibody-antigen
3D visualisation of Antibiotic targets

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